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Bringing Workington’s 5 GP Practices together

Plans to bring Workington’s 5 GP Practices together to improve services for patients are being considered.

The five practices have worked together more closely over the last six years developing the Workington Primary Care Centre to improve same day services for our patients and the shared home visiting service.

We are now are exploring a more joined up approach. Merging practices will see our current some small teams supported to meet the increasing demand.

Dr Niall McGreevy is a GP at James Street Practice, but also leads the Workington Primary Care Network (PCN) the collective primary care team in Workington.

Dr McGreevy said: “Workington is a tight-knit community and our five practices have supported each other more and more closely over the last six years.

“We all face growing pressures to support our patients, never more so than during 2020 when we have faced the challenge of covid. We have only been able to get through the pressures of this year because of the way we work together and the support practices have been able to offer each other.

“It’s clear to me that we need to make this joint approach more formal so we can be sure all our patients are getting the best service we can offer, and some of those very small teams which are very stretched are able to work in a more supported way.

“We want to start a conversation with our patients and our staff about what a merger could mean for them and how it could work.”

You can fill in a survey here Workington Patient Survey

You can write to Niall McGreevy with your views and thoughts (you can put this through your surgery door or post to Workington Project, James Street Group Practice, James Street, Workington, CA14 2DL)

You can email your views to

We also have a Question and Answer page and a Letter to Patients below and you might find the question you want to ask here, we will also add questions and answers to our social media channels so they will be updated frequently.

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