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PPG meeting minutes

At our last meeting we discussed the General Medical Services contract and the new online summary care records. All patients now have the choice to order repeat prescriptions online, appointments and see their records for allergies and repeat medication. In some circumstances a proxy request can be made on behalf of a patient. There is a strict protocol that any patient making such a request will have to complete a registration form and then make an appointment for either myself or Assistant Practice Manager, Lesley Lancaster to view identification. This has to be in the form of one photographic id and one with a name and address of the person making the request. In some cases a GP can vouch for a patient if the GP knows the patient well.

When a new patient requests to register at our practice the same form of identification must be taken to the registration appointment so that a GP can verify the id.

We have received a lot of compliments about our website and patients are now starting to use it to submit travel forms etc.

If any patient is interested in joining in with the patient participatient group please contact me.

Dympna Harney Practice Manager 01900 64866.